Prebranding bestseller. Leaves you equipped with no doubt about what’s next.

Because you can’t read the label when you are inside the jar. Make yourself a favour and hire investigator of your greatest creative potential to see what’s waiting for you beyond limiting beliefs.

It’s a one-off product. You won’t need to have it again.

– My audit of your brand, 
– Workbook inc. 24 questions,
– 120 min. session (think: brainstorming & mentoring),
– Follow-up e-mail to show you your next steps eg. summary notes, additional questions to investigate, links, contacts 

– More long term clarity 
– Immediate solutions to most pressing issues,
– Sense, meaning, excitement, inspiration, fulfillment.


This is for creators, who want to use brand building approach in their business / career / community etc.

Doesn’t matter the industry, branch, field of interests.


When you feel that so much more is possible with what you do, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Session will give you all the answers.

Or – if what you have is only an idea. Session will help you evaluate it and show you what you can’t see: hidden potential but also – the challenges.


I love to do it in person.

If there are time / budget constrains, an online version is also possible.


STEP 01. Book the session via the form below. Upon payment, you will get e-mail with detailed instructions & the Workbook.

STEP 02. Send me materials to audit (links, decks, samples etc.).

STEP 03. Your work with the Workbook. You don’t have to send the answers to me, but have them with you in the session.

STEP 04. Session. If it’s OK with you, we can start by some guided relaxation. Other than this we just talk about your business.

“I was moved to tears. It almost felt like a therapy.

session customer

Result 01. More long term clarity

By working with workbook and the 24 questions, you will dive into the four main dimensions of your brand: WHY?, FOR WHOM? WHAT? and HOW?. It will give you insights to the process of brand development and how to make it work for your business.

During the session, you will connect the dots you’ve been drawing till now. You will see more to what your brand can do and which steps to take to pursue it. We may help you to understand your priorities, set goals eg. for next few quarters or years.

Hint! One of the next steps you may want to take is our core product – the Strategy Deck, which gives you an ultimate clarity. Should you decide to invest in it right away (max. 2 months after the session), the cost of session will be deducted from the price of Strategy.

Result 02. Find immediate solutions to most pressing issues

The results of your session highly depend on the exact outcomes you are seeking.

To just give few examples what this session can be helpful with:

  • See some fast-tracks, ways to get you where you want quicker,
  • Spot low-hanging fruits, easy ways to change a lot,
  • Find a niche or narrow down your audience,
  • Draft a kick-ass offer or a product ecosystem,
  • Get some great ideas for your marketing,
  • etc.

Another possible result is tapping into Prebranding network and getting introduced to those you should talk to.

Result 03. Achieve more: sense, meaning, excitement, inspiration

It’s great to apply a lot of logic to your business. But have you tried working with wide-open heart?

A common result of the session is that it all starts to make sense. Something which was a big puzzle starts to resemble a picture. This makes people very happy as they see very big meaning in the challenges they went through, the lessons they had to learn. The see a meaning also in their primary drive and this brings loads of excitement and inspiration.

"Outstanding skills at listening and providing the powerful kind of feedback that I was hoping to get"
I had the privilege of experiencing Alex's one-of-a-kind Prebranding Session. The session was a 111-minute transformational collaboration loaded with value for me. It was evident from the start that Alex isn't just another consultant – she's a strategic thinker, full of energy, curiosity, a solid framework, and an authentic passion for the visions of her clients. She showed outstanding skills at listening and providing the powerful kind of feedback that I was hoping to get.

Throughout our session, Alex demonstrated an unwavering commitment to understanding and clarifying my ideas, vision, values, and intentions. She masterfully incorporated my insights into a clear and digestible summary to lay a solid foundation for future strategy work. However, beyond her evident expertise, what stood out most was her genuine care and interest in the nature of my work. I felt heard, understood, and deeply validated.

This wasn't just a one-off consultation; it felt like the beginning of an ongoing relationship, or as she put it, a "radical" collaboration. Alex provided immediate results by quickly creating a summary for me that extracted the themes from the information that she was able to gather from me during the process. But the value of this feedback was less about the immediate results and more about setting my company up for long-term and thoughtful brand building that promises a sustainable path for growing my brand community. Based on the success of our initial session, I am excited to continue our collaboration. To anyone looking for a thoughtful, genuine, and insightful branding consultant, I cannot recommend Alex Lion Yes! highly enough.
Jeremiah Steven
Small Business Design, CEO
"Alex helped me to find a common ground between my conflicting pursuits"
The Prebranding Session with Alex allowed me to look holistically at the services I want to provide. It encouraged me to believe in the feasibility of my ideas. I entered a session with a sense of a conflict between my different pursuits, and Alex helped me find a common ground between them. It was very liberating and motivating! It was also a pleasure to co-create ideas together.
Julia Tomaszewska
Transformative Coach & Business Mentor
"Surprising insights along with the sense of empowerment through the gained clarity"
Alex is a person you want on your team - even if just for a couple of sessions. Her passion and curiosity rubs off and makes you wonder what more could be possible.

Thanks to Prebranding Session I got a fresh and refined understanding on where I really want to put my energy. It helped me to better empathise with customers and appeal to them in a more authentic way.

The structure she lays out is very beneficial and starts way before the first session - with super useful framework. The greatest value however lies in Alex's way of getting to the heart of the brand: tactic skills and understanding she brings. In a joyful and playful way she always seems to challenge herself to make the session have as much impact as possible. And it works! The results were surprising insights along with a sense of empowerment through the gained clarity.

It’s important to say that I felt shared joy and curiosity about my project! It’s very pleasant!

Thanks to the session I understood what kind of work does a successful brand strategy require. It's easy to put something out today. But to land with something that will stick with people and endure time? That requires refinement! And that is where Alex excels.
David Rohmer
Human Design Geek & Software Developer
"Execptionally well-prepared, highly practical and super empathetic"

Don’t hesitate to hire Alex if you feel the need to clarify your thoughts, illuminate your path, and be guided towards meaningful action with your business. My meeting with her truly helped me organize the chaos in my mind and provided me with direction. I can now focus on what truly matters!

I received a load of great insights, valuable knowledge, specific tools, and targeted suggestions, all without any unnecessary fluff or marketing jargon, which I had been somewhat concerned about. Alex is exceptionally well-prepared, highly practical and super empathetic. She creates a very supportive atmosphere.

The session was therefore extremely productive and enjoyable, with no time wasted on getting comfortable with each other. Also, the materials she provided afterward were another great benefit!

I wholeheartedly recommend it!
Anna Głowacka
Journalist, Writer, Entrepreneur (
"Embraced my chaos, showing me step by step how to proceed"
I've always had a total chaos in my brain, an artistic disorder. This session allowed me to embrace this chaos, showing step by step how to proceed.

It made me realize that building a business occurs in stages, gradually elevating the bar until the desired outcome is achieved. Now, I understand that I can bring to life everything I once considered very abstract ideas. They have now taken tangible form!

Throughout the session, I felt incredible peace and a big surge of energy. I felt that my thoughts were beginning to self-organize. Eventually every one of them found its place and explanation.

The session allows you to view your business from an entirely different perspective than before. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to unearth deeply hidden dreams about their business and gain a clear, step-by-step path to realizing them.
Joanna Dymek
Clothing Up-cycling Artist
"I have gained so much clarity about my mission and purpose"
Wow! I have gained so much clarity about my mission, it’s purpose and also who am I doing it all for. Prebranding Session definitely gave me an energy kick!

My confidence about the value of what was somehow lost and after the session, I feel like I got it back. I got that energy push to take steps into the next level.

It was great to hear subjective, outside opinion about my ideas. As an artist, I don’t want to apply any strategy, but rather go with the flow and I wasn’t sure if this can work. Now I know how to connect the dots and how to achieve what I want!

I’m definitely recommending it to anybody who wants to gain clarity, brainstorm ideas and get some motivational support.
Ms Savyy
Music Artist & Influencer
"The session was unforgettable"
Thank you Alex!

I'm amazed at how your brain works; the way you structured my confused thoughts and provided feedback on the spot was amazing.

My goal was to get a professional second opinion on my brand and understand what I could improve. Not only did I achieve that, but I also uncovered the truth I've been hiding from, which was refreshing. The session inspired me to wake up tomorrow and give my 100% energy.

I recommend this session to everyone who has limited time, is stuck in their mind (as it happens in business), and needs to look at the scenario from another perspective. In the end, the session was unforgettable. Thank you.
Tamari K.
Brand Strategy Enthusiast


The price is 440€ (inc. tax)

If it’s too much for you, let’s talk. I’m happy to regard your conditions, especially if your project is great and/or you have something to exchange for.

Don’t book the session from calendar!

Every additional person is 120€.

We will handle it manually, so please contact me in case of interest.

Note, that if you are more than one: 
-> everyone gets at least a short (15-30 min.) briefing before the session,
-> everyone works on the workbook on their own, 
-> the session may be longer than 120 mins (tbd.)

Life happens and I understand it perfectly. It’s way better to rearrange the session than doing it when you don’t feel ready for it.

Rescheduling the session is very easy and you can do it automatically by clicking RESCHEDULE in the e-mail you got from the booking system. 

24HRS NOTICE REQUIRED! There are no refunds if you don’t show up at the session without notifying me at least 24hrs ahead of time.

The results would may not be optimal, therefore to provide the best outcome it’s highly recommended to have the work done.

It’s easy to reschedule the session and this is exactly what you should do. Just click RESCHEDULE in the e-mail you got from the booking system. 

Choose date and time in the booking calendar below and pay. It can only be ordered 5 days ahead, so that both of us have time to prepare. As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll get an e-mail with instructions and workbook.


Book and pay here. You will get an e-mail with the Workbook.

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