About Prebranding

What is Prebranding?

As the name suggests, it’s an initial work that we do before making decisions that affect the brand. It applies at various stages of business development, including mature companies, as many of them have the brand not taken care of deeply enough.

This initial works can be easy and exciting for some, but also pretty challenging if there are still some personality shadows that one needs to face. What’s crucial to say – it’s enriching not only on a business, but also very deeply on a personal level. 

The main difference between Prebranding and many other creative services is that we co-create WITH YOU rather than FOR YOU. Our design process is about unraveling your own highest creative potential: exciting, fulfilling, powerful, high-quality pathways and assets, so that your ambitions can fly.

It is also an invitation to SLOW DOWN & RELAX while searching for business solutions.

Unimaginable? We’ve got you covered. Our service may include guided relaxation.

How does it work exactly?

On the figure below, we see four dimensions of the brand. It’s very useful to have all of them taken care of, but it’s rarely the case in the world. Mostly it’s even not necessary to define every detail of every thing to make another step forward. But still – some of the brand factors, if well established, can be real game-changers for your business.

As you can tell, the depth of a figure above is represented by WHY?, which is the very important question: Why are you doing it in the first place? What drives you? What are you dreaming of? What excites you the most in the world? Investigating it, creates conditions for your brand to be more purposeful. That’s where we like to spend quite some time. It’s a Golden Key to your own as well as your brand’s greatest potential.

Key Brand Factors - examples

Brand DNA - your source dode

Brand DNA clearly defines brand’s uniqueness. It shapes brand’s personality and lays foundations of the brand story. It gives people reason to emotionally connect and defines the way you treat them. It’s a strategical element that doesn’t change in time, while at the same time, it enables company to be creative on how to enliven it.

North Start - your fixed point

While Brand DNA defines behavioural and emotional aspects and draws connection to the Dream Customer, the North Star taps into the distant future. Just as travellers use North Star as a fixed point to navigate, this brand factor defines an ultimate goal.

What do we actually deliver?

Transformation. We will listen to you with deep and undivided attention and make sure we get all the main points. If you ever talked to someone, that didn’t really listen to you, we will take you to another extreme. In this way it’s may be a transformatory experience. One may hear themselves expressing everything which is in their heart for the first time in a very long time.

Plus market research, certainly.

And decks. Lots of decks. They may include eg.:

– Brand Factors
– Roadmaps
– Tactics, Tools, Methods
– Ideas & Solutions 
– Insights to your brand
– Benchmarks from the market

Prebranding helps in developing brand factors, which can be game changers, what then helps brand creators to elevate their business game. It’s unique in a way that it applies super mindful approach and treating brand development with a lot of empathy. It can result in finding many low-hanging fruits, easy win tactics which are overseen in a fast paced growth. It’s about enabling an inspiring safe space for the highest quality solutions to unfold as they are expressed by founders, who step into their greatest power.

Btw. You can DIY with Prebranding Workbook

Prebranding is a new concept, for some people hard to grasp at. We believe in learning by doing and we created Prebranding Workbook to let you understand this style of work. With four main pages of the workbook you can work on each of the four brand dimmensions. 

If you want to get it, send us an e-mail with short information why do you want to work with it.

Who's that girl?

Meet Aleksandra Lewtak (pl. Lew = Lion, Tak = Yes), a spiritual entrepreneur, who wants to bridge the gap between conventional business world and discovering deeper purpose of brand creators.

Born and raised in Poland, now based in Berlin, dreaming of becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world.

Alex possesses a rare gift – she listens to unspoken heart yearnings. This intuitive understanding enables personal transformation and infuses brands with more authenticity and higher meaning.

Her grounded yet profound approach offers helps to align business success with personal fulfilment.

What's the philosophy?

The Business World needs more Empathy & Empathy can be very profitable.

Planet Earth is not happy and too many beings suffer, but solution is there and is as simple as: LOVE