Brand SPA

Let’s turn usual business environment into a safe space that embraces your soul! 

Sounds exotic? It surely is. Our Prebranding agency presents a lot of new approach on the market of brand consultancy. Therefore our offerings also have to come with a big dose of surprise elements. 

So what is the Brand SPA?

You can imagine this as an immersive experience for your TEAM or COMMUNITY, during which everyone transforms something inside themselves. By this fact, the team or community also transforms – into more soft, more collaborative, more mindful version. 

Why should you try it out? 

It’s something new, so if you are keen on trying new things, that is enough reason. But there is more certainly. This is a business workshop after all. It aims to find answers to some most urgent questions… 

A) You can get CREATIVE and find new insights or solutions to your brand / business / project etc.
B) Build up the TEAM / COMMUNITY. This workshop lets you communicate and get to know each other on a much deeper level. 
C) It’s RELAXING. As when you go to SPA, you get the deep rest, as here – your brain gets sweetly soothed. In case there is nothing for you to transform, in the worst case you will have some pleasant time.

Other potential effects that some people mention are eg. better understanding of their purpose as a brand creator or achieving more long term clarity.

Brand SPA is a short yet very powerful workshop. It’s designed to let you have full immersion in the experience rather than imagine what is Prebranding and what is it not. If you never tasted sweet, you wouldn’t know how it feels until you try it. The same is with business based on some really deep approach. 

Let me take you through the steps of the process.

STEP 01. Preparations

You can imagine Brand SPA as a kind of ritual. The energy is being raised by implementing certain improvements in the space of the room, the workshop is taking place in. Each time we have to work with what we have and it’s being individually designed for the particular setting. 

STEP 02. Guided meditation

Even for the people, who never had any experience with meditation this will be an easy and pleasurable experience. The goal here is to relax, feel comfortable and safe. Business matters very often come with a lot of stress, so this time we do exactly the opposite. 

“Our corporate event was much more valuable. It had spiritual depth and it astonished participants.”
Paweł Kwiatkowski, CEO Orde, organiser of ORDE DAYS a business event for cleaning industry

STEP 03. Deep business questions

Once the mind is calm we can dive into searching for solutions.

But what is the problem?

This is important part. This workshop is HIGHLY PERSONALISED and the content is tailored for the particular team or community. 

Deep business questions may relate to eg.
-> Current energy blockade / biggest problem to solve
-> Deeper purpose of the brand creators
-> Creative ideas for brand development
-> Current short and long term opportunities
-> Team / community particular challenges

“It’s unbelievable! Through the visions that showed up in my mind, I saw totally new pathways for my business.”
Brand SPA participant

STEP 04. Round of sharing

This is where real magic happens, because at the end of this process we tap into the collective mind. This is also the reason why the Brand SPA is a workshop for minimum 3 participants.

People who are first made very calm and relaxed by meditation, then inspired and excited by some great questions, now have opportunity to share with others.

Other human beings are around us to co-create. The last step of Brand SPA brings solutions, connections, expressions of deep insights. But it’s also an overwhelming feeling of how it could be if we were communicating like that on a daily basis. Which is of course possible if we apply more of Prebranding.

“It’s an excellent way to engage in potentially difficult topics in a safe, secure and low-stakes setting. Our whole team was surprised by how softly spoken and polite we were to each other, despite us working through hot-button issues. I would recommend the Brand Spa to any teams who wish to communicate more directly and respectfully.”
Pete Flynn, Community Associate at Techspace

“The Brand SPA session was a relaxing one which helped me reflect upon my actions, thoughts and intentions that I carry on with my daily work – which was great as I get to understand and learn where and how to shift my perspective. Apart from that, it was also interesting for me to understand how the team thinks and acts in various different situation based on their job role.”
Yatri Bhuta, Sales Associate at Techspace

Special Offer for Entrepreneurial Communities

We decided to offer this amazing workshop FREE OF CHARGE for entrepreneurial communities (eg. hubs, co-workings, incubators), because the culture of collaboration is in our own Brand DNA. We truly believe that working together we 10x the impact we make.


For our European hosts we have unique opportunity to taste the world’s first Brainpower Drink, named Foqus. It’s like energy drink, but natural and with no sugar – made out of 12 superfoods coming from 8 years discovery and research made with indigenous tribes of Asia, Africa and America. It gives us rather mental than physical energy. As a super natural and well functioning product with a beautiful story – it’s very well aligned with Brand SPA’s main point.


These are the most interesting questions about the Brand SPA.

How much is it?

Brand SPA is offered at a price of 444€. 
You can additionally invest in eg. food & beverages or rent a cosy space.

Why so expensive?

Because it’s important to invest in quality. If you like this approach, let’s also have Inzpirea, a top world class mindful luxury brand consultant design a setting for us.

“Unicorn, Zen & Bubbles” is possible at additional price of 2222€. 

Is this for the people from the same company?

That is up to you. There are two versions TEAM & COMMUNITY.
In the TEAM we work on the challenge of the company / team etc.
If it’s COMMUNITY – everyone comes with their own business issue, but it’s good for them to have some common thread. 

What is personalised?

First of all the content – the kind of problem we tap into. We want to work on the most important or urgent phenomenon.
Secondly – we can personalise the setting to make the room more cosy by eg. sound, scent,  food & beverages, amenities etc.

When is it?

That is up to you. Contact me to arrange the timeline.

Where is it?

In your space / office / apartament – or the space that you rent for us. I’m happy to provide the list of suggestions from my base of coworkings. They have beautiful meeting rooms for ca 50€ / hour.

What are the requirements for the space?

The minimum requirement is: a bubble. It can’t be a cafe. We have to be closed in some room. There is no limit to the other side of this axe – the more inspiring it is the better. I’m happy to consult you on how to make the most out of it.

With additional budget we can also hire Inzpirea to design a “Unicorn, Zen & Bubbles” setting for us.

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