Prebranding Strategy

> Extract your inner vision into key brand factors
> Get great clarity on your brand’s long term direction
> Discover more purpose & depth to your brand
> Transform into more powerful creator
> Design high quality & disruptive business solutions
> Unite your team around the grand brand vision
> Develop exciting game plan


Discovering new products through visual thinking feat. Inzpirea

Especially when facing some transformation, such as designing key assets or strategic campaigns, launching new products or markets, pivoting, niching, growing team etc. reconnect with your deeper purpose to make better, more mindful decisions.

“I’ve hired many agencies. If someone says they can do what you do? Not true.”

You may wish various outcomes of Prebranding Strategy. And that’s correct! It’s a widely applicable tool and your deck will be personalised to your particular challenges and goals. Nevertheless, you can expect results which are typical for this process.

Extract your inner vision into key brand factors

One of they key concepts of Prebranding is that you already know it all. And we happen to be the people, who have all the time and patience needed to listen to you. We ask questions that you can express all the vision that drives you. We are perfect listeners and that’s just one side of the coin.

Once we hear what you mean, we don’t let it loose – we design brand factors. Not only do we distill the essence of your highest creative potential, but also show you how you can package it and who to show it to etc. We embrace your creative being and propose structures within which it can be fully expressed.

Btw. You can read more about our framework and example brand factors .

Get great clarity on your brand's long term direction

Define your NORTH STAR, the very long term direction, the compass which will lead your way. First, dive very deep into your wildest business dreams, but then name them and make them work for you by lighting your path. It’s profitable, because with a clear way ahead, you don’t waste time on random moves. 

But it’s also inspiring and empowering, because it’s freeing your mind! if your inner unicorn was sleeping till now, it will start to joyfully run around. That’s how pleasurable it is to have masterpiece as a masterplan.

Discover more purpose & depth to your brand

Embrace the deepest factor of your business – your BRAND DNA. It’s a set of elements, which are deeply rooted in life: the world, human nature, society, culture etc. It’s like making your brand alive, let it have personality, character, something to say and of course – emotions. With such guideline, you can be powerful and consistent in communication. 

But there is more! Deeper values translate into better stories and more creative brand experiences and that means more emotional connection with your customers. You will easier get remembered, trusted and invested in.

Transform into more powerful creator

Are you ready? Our intention is to slow down enough to get connected to your soulful purpose. It’s the space we create for you, which gives this safety to open up and see for yourself what’s behind the walls of your usual self, beyond destructive programs like limiting believes etc. For this short but intensive time, you can cut off-the current business pressure, forget all the worries, give up stress and understand yourself on a very deep level.

Nobody will tell you what’s the best thing to do. You will see it for yourself – your inner vision, expressed out loud and welcomed. You will get a lot of external permission to reconnect and embrace your soulful purpose. That gives a lot of confidence, motivation and excitement!

Btw. You will most probably reach your own thoughts about the challenge you have with your brand. They may reflect personal challenges too. And both can be resolved within the process.

Design high quality & disruptive business solutions

With our guidance, you will see how does your own depth translate into high quality solutions. These can be eg. new ideas, but also tools & processes that make a difference – things go faster, relationships develop happier, profits grow easier. We love to discover true game-changers, which means standing out by pioneering of better way of doing things. We always seek for low-hanging fruits, which are like easy wins, solutions overlooked and easy to implement, but having big impact.

Who knows what you will discover? Prebranding Strategy is 100% tailored to your current challenge & dream outcome, so we can only say what we want to find after we properly brief you. Maybe you will discover who to partner up with or hire, which new market to enter, which new product to push, how to connect some brand philosophy dots etc. 

Unite your team around the grand brand vision

If you are many, this process should include your core team members. 

Are you lacking proper time to brainstorm and to figure out the most mindful solutions?
The amount of daily operations is making it impossible for the key people to properly talk?
Not enough passion or even courage – to open your hearts and voice your truths?

If it sounds familiar, you may also know that you are missing a lot. The synergy of your creative powers is something you can’t imitate. Prebranding Strategy includes a workshop, which makes you communicate on a very deep level. This will give your brand a whole new dimension. 

What’s more? It creates a lot of internal buy-in from the very beginning. It’s not just another document you will send out to your people to read and soon just forget. Because they will co-create it! There is so much excitement around the common future created in this way.

Develop an exciting game plan

Last but not least. Most especially if you are one of those visionary misfits, professional procrastinators, drowning in countless ideas, creative chaos or even developed some severe business operations disorder – we got your back. We can help you develop systems, processes, structures, roadmaps etc. to take your specialty of the house under control.  


Prebranding – moodboards for Ricion.
How to find a golden thread to follow?
How to bring the great message to international community?

“Alexandra’s Prebranding workshop was the “missing link” in our efforts to give our start-up direction and structure. Before the workshop, we didn’t realise how different our ideas were about the associations that our new brand should trigger in the target groups. After the workshop, there were hardly any discussions about content when creating communication documents. Thank you Alex!”

Michael Tschöpke, CEO, ricion AG

Prebranding – workshop for Kaos Berlin. 

How to balance between community and business?
How to create new streams of revenue?

“Alexandra’s and Aga’s workshop helped us to see our current strength but also all the hidden potential. With super fun and interesting tasks we managed to capture the essence of our brand. That is a great value!”

Laura Lehmann, manager at Kaos Berlin

Reimagine.Tires. Happy Client Meeting & Client on stage with Prebranding pitch deck.

Theme: What kind of business can we create by solving the problem of used tires?

Here you are, holding bits and pieces, nuts and bolts, and high hopes for your new business idea. After some intensive brainstorming, you have a funny collage. 

All that really matters now fits on a piece of paper. 
By having created this, a switch in your mind is toggled. Unexpected powers are unleashed when you see your idea as if it was already existing. Watching your artwork every day gives you a reason to wake up and work on it. If you have the chance to work with Alex, don’t skip it, go for it.

Michael Krumme, CEO at Reimagine.Tires

Prebranding for Paul Seelman – workshop and moodboard.

How to find a perfect niche for my video production company?

““I think it’s a really cool idea with the package deals. The go-to market strategy seems very realistic, and I will definitely apply it. All in all, I think it’s great and will give me a good guideline for the coming months! Thank you so much!”

Paul Seelman of


inc. answers to relevant:
WHY? questions
WHAT? questions
FOR WHOM? questions
[excluding HOW? questions]

Additional decks possible eg. pitch deck, sales presentation, one pager etc.


Reconnection with your deeper purpose to make better, more purposeful and mindful business decisions. Results in a Prebranding Strategy Deck, which provides long term clarity as well ass immediate solutions. Always 100% tailored to your particular needs at the moment (current challenge & dream outcome).

Whenever facing some transformation, such as designing key assets or strategic campaigns, launching new products or markets, pivoting, niching, growing team etc.

1. Briefings with you and your (max. 10) people. Fun & easy home works.
2. WORKSHOP with 100% personalisation: from very basic online process to very elaborated setting inc. renting an suitable venue, ambient music, relaxing scent etc.
3. MAIN DELIVERABLE is a strategy deck.

RECOMMENDATION: ON SITE EXPERIENCE. It’s preferably an on-site experience, because we like to work with “hands that do the talking”. Visual processing is ultra effective way of communication & it’s so much fun to cut and glue things!

If it’s not necessary, don’t take away from us the luxury of a human connection.

I am not charging you for my travel time.

Typically we need 3-9 weeks. That depends on yours and our availability, but also the urgency on your side.

For those, who want to create some deep inspiration for people or a great solution for some important problem, not just another product on the market made out of want of profit. For those that have courage to stand for something, to pick a fight or to stand out.

Even better. Deep dive into creative powers of your team members. It’s a perfect tool to unite your tribe around the grand brand vision and excite them about what’s coming next.

We deliver to what’s agreed. And if not, we give you the money back.

Just tell me what’s your challenge and I’ll guide you through the process. Book me for a call by the calendar below.

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